Come to the Temple and Claim Your Blessings, Strengthening My Back without Removing My Burden, The Meaning of the Cross for Latter-day Saints, Defending My Thesis—and the Book of Mormon, Sign Language Materials Help Deaf Community Come unto Christ, Mission Boundaries Realigned; Mission Presidents Begin Service, “Mary Fielding Smith,” Ensign, July 2011, 73. Would you deny me a blessing? Where are those boys today? See Don Cecil Corbett, Mary Fielding Smith: Daughter of Britain (1966), 228. "Such a woman is prepared in the pre-existence to overcome … Mary Fielding Smith was the wife of Hyrum Smith. •One day Mary Fielding Smith, widow of Hyrum Smith, went to the tithing office in Salt Lake City to pay her tithing with a load of the best potatoes she had grown. Tithing and Mary Fielding Smith Ensign May 2002 : This is some of words from Elder Earl C. Tingey, Of the Presidency of the Seventy (“ The Law of Tithing ” Ensign, May 2002, ) Joseph F. Smith ’s mother was known as “Widow Smith.” She was the widow of Hyrum Smith, who was martyred with the Prophet Joseph. What did Mary Fielding Smith say to William Thompson? President Spencer W. Kimball spoke on Tithing. Hyrum and Mary’s son, Joseph F. Smith, who would later become the sixth President of the Church, was only five years old at the time. Mobs raided her home, and her son was nearly killed as a result of the attack. Re: Primary Misinformation about Mary Fielding Smith. I had to work and dig and toil myself. Mary Fielding Smith, a faithful Latter-day Saint woman, was left with several young children while her husband was in Liberty Jail during the winter of 1838–39. _ •Mary replied: ^William, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Mary Fielding Smith did not let the trials she had … First I’ll tell you about Mary Fielding Smith. So Sharing Time in Primary today was about tithing - they shared Elder Cordon’s irresponsible, ... and then this gem about Joseph F. Smith’s mother Mary Fielding Smith paying tithing after her husband Hyrum had been murdered: Joseph F. Smith centered his faith in his Father in Heaven, in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the simple and constant truths of the gospel. Mary's faith and courage helped teach her son as the Mormon pioneers traveled westward to Utah. The stories of her faith with her oxen, not to mention her decision to head West with the Saints just a few months after her husband was martyred, show how dedicated she was to the Gospel. Mary Fielding Smith was the wife of Hyrum and mother of Joseph F. Smith. I hope and pray that it can be the same for you. Hyrum was Joseph’s older brother. 1900, 48. My own ancestors suffered terribly in Far West and almost lost their lives. I do not want you to deny me the privilege of being numbered with those who have the interests of Zion at heart, and who desire to contribute their proportion to the upbuilding of Zion, and for the maintenance of the work of the Lord in the earth. One spring when we opened our potato pits she had her boys get a load of the best potatoes, and she took them to the tithing office; potatoes were scarce that … My husband and I both remember this story, related to us in … When summer came and the family finally had a crop, Mary insisted that they pay a full and honest tithe. Mary Fielding Smith died September 21, 1852, probably from pneumonia, at the age of fifty-one. Mary Fielding Smith remained faithful to the end of her life. Are they or were they ever valiant in the testimony of Jesus Christ? Required fields are marked *, A RELIEF SOCIETY THAT BRINGS WOMEN TO CHRIST, Powered by WordPress. When a clerk at the office suggested that the Widow Smith should not tithe when she had so little, she scolded him. President Joseph F. Smith later said, “She taught me honor, and virtue, and truth, and integrity to the kingdom of God, and she taught me not only by precept but by example.”3. … Mary Fielding Smith was definitely a stalwart Saint. “When William Thompson told my mother that she ought not to pay tithing, I thought he was one of the finest fellows in the world.