Details about each degree are included below. All about studying and students of computer science. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I graduated in computer science in 2004 but didn’t really work in the field. CS is not among the programs they’re best known for, hence why it isn’t talked about as much, but you’ll undoubtedly get a great education their and you’ll meet lots of good people you can network with. I look back on my first semester with regret, regret at the amount of suffering I willingly subjected myself to. Admissions . It was a semester almost entirely composed of stress, anxiety, and fear. Outstanding students majoring in computer science may be considered for program honors. The courses are obviously heavily math-based so they can be tough in that regard, but well worth taking, imo. The curriculum was very challenging but very up-to-date. I know that Engineering is one of Northwestern's strong suit but the same can't really be said for CS. Theory (algorithms, computation, etc) seems to be fairly strong as well, the professors are legit and I assume their research is as well. Northwestern does not really have a … They have a lot of fantastic departments and you will get a high quality education from any of them. I would say that interfaces/HCI is the strongest, the professors seem to teach well and from what I hear, have strong positive impact on a lot of students. Hi another prospective Northwestern student here. Northwestern is a premiere university in the US. Yeah, historically the CS rankings have been just alright and not great, but as you indicated in the middle of last year the university announced a $100 million investment in CS. Professor of Computer Science. Thank you for requesting my answer. And they seem to be steadily pushing out research and making a name for themselves. I'm a prospective Northwestern student and was wondering how the CS program here was. Northwestern Coding Boot Camp is a great option if: You are looking to find a new career or company—or make the move from a non-technical position to a technical one. Joint PhD Program in Computer Science and Learning Sciences Northwestern University c/o Megan Redfearn, PhD Program Assistant 2120 Campus Drive Evanston, IL 60208 m-redfearn@northwestern… Contacts. AP Tests: Computer Science (5), World History (5), Statistics (5), Calc BC (5), Chemistry (4), Lang (4), APUSH (2) of course I didn't report that last one. UChicago achieves its highest ranking for its reputation among academics (13th in the world), while Northwestern’s best ranking is for its facul… Courses are disorganized or just taught poorly, and I find the good majority of the systems professors are the stereotypical mysterious profs that are never actually around in the building other than for giving lectures. TL;DR - NU's CS department is fine and if you are driven and do well you can go do anything you want to do. I'm not saying some CS departments don't have better resources than others. You are interested in freelancing to supplement your current income—or contribute in a bigger way in your current job. It’s good, also northwestern is one of the top universities in the country. Have you felt the effects of the funding of the CS program and is CS a popular major at Northwestern? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Northwestern community. Faculty and courses for the program are drawn from the McCormick CS department, which has extensive computing facilities for student use. For information on criteria and procedures, contact the program director and see Honors in the Major. Since CS is offered at both Weinberg and McCormick, which one would you say has a higher acceptance rate or is easier to get into? The Computer Science Department (CS) at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering offers a number of major/minor undergraduate degrees. I went to a liberal arts college for CS so a lot of my curriculum focused on theoretical foundation, concepts, and proofs, which might not be what many are looking for. I have a very limited perspective: I'm a PhD student in another program, and just took Bryan Pardo's Machine Learning class. Openings may be available for in-person or remote employment; please review the job responsibilities and contact the job listing department directly if you have any questions.. Any missing prerequisites or NUpath requirements must be taken using computer science or general electives. BA in Computer Scienc… This module allows the computer to be encrypted with Bitlocker, which is Northwestern IT's encryption solution. through Northeastern and its CS program. Northwestern Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp puts the student experience first, teaching you the knowledge and skills to conduct analytics on a wide array of real-world problems. Data Science at Northwestern. The Seattle graduate campus offers online and hybrid degree and certificate programs that fulfill the key needs of the region’s employers, including computer science, bioinformatics, global studies, and project management. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It was one of the best classes I've ever taken, both as an undergrad (at an Ivy League school) and here for grad school. It has its ups and downs. I know that Engineering is one of Northwestern's strong suit but the same can't really be said for CS. They most definitely do, but I don't think it matters all that much outside of graduate-level research. Honors in Computer Science. You will get exposure to as many new technologies as possible. It's ranked fairly low on pretty much all ranking aggregates for CS. Overall, can't go wrong here. Other Northwestern computer science professors also have been successful in bringing their research advances to the market. I am a Northwestern freshman that recently was accepted as a transfer student to Brown for Spring 2017. I'd like to know how Northwestern University is for Computer Science. Computer Science Concentrations Pick one of the following concentrations and complete four courses in that concentration. I'm applying to Northwestern for Engineering mainly but also CS so it is quite important. Northwestern Boot Camps offer 12-week, full-time, or 24-week, part-time web development courses, and 24-week, part-time data science, cybersecurity, and financial technology (FinTech) courses in Evanston and Chicago, Illinois. Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Computer Science is designed for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expand their technology leadership responsibilities in organizations that design, develop, market, or utilize computing systems. Home; Jobs; On-Campus Jobs; On-Campus Jobs. In terms of focus areas within our CS department (Human computer interaction, AI, systems, theory). ; Admission Decisions and Enrollment Familiarize yourself with how to access your admissions decision and enroll. I have friends who landed jobs at Facebook and Google or became consultants at McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, etc without much of a problem and they never really complained about their coursework (other than it being hard). BS in Computer Science (McCormick) 4. Worksheets for multiple years are listed, and you are free to use any from your years as an undergraduate. Computer science is a highly interdisciplinary field. Is it considered a good program or is it just about ok ? The computer science requirements are identical in the two programs. Interest in computer science among Northwestern students has surged in recent years, and underrepresented minorities are a growing share of the major. Press J to jump to the feed. Despite this fall, it’s worth pointing out both universities are among the best in the world and are ranked in the global top 300 for each indicatorused to compile the rankings. I know that rankings don't matter much but I want to know the general perception. I'd like to know how Northwestern University is for Computer Science.I see that on US News it's ranked #30, but I never really hear much about it and it doesn't seem that famous.Even comparatively lower ranked programs like Stony brook, Northeastern University, University of Colorado— Boulder etc seem to be more known for their CS dept. In general, I wouldn't follow ranking metrics too much. Jump to a Section 1. Northeastern is a top-tier, nonprofit research university, grounded in experiential learning. I have a friend who has had great software engineering co-op experiences at large reputable tech companies (Palantir, FB, etc.) I see that on US News it's ranked #30, but I never really hear much about it and it doesn't seem that famous. Computer Science Major Download the worksheets below to track your progress in your major and college requirements. Tl;dr: I would choose to attend CS at UIUC. Regardless of its potential future growth, I think the CS department is fine in its current state. It's not like they don't want to teach, (I've heard that Peter Dinda advocated really strongly for systems being part of the grad reqs, which I agree with), but they just....really aren't good at teaching. In addition to the online MSDS program, Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering offers a full-time on-campus program. It really depends on the person, in this case, you. The MSL curriculum centers on the intersection of law, business, and technology, with specific focus areas in business law and entrepreneurship, intellectual property and patent design, and regulatory analysis and strategy. Whether you're an alum, student, prospie, or generally interested in the 'Cats … Press J to jump to the feed. ; Application Procedures Learn about the requirements for applicants, deadlines and more. A Northwestern computer science graduate will. A kid with a 4.00 in high school and a 36 ACT is probably going to opt to go to the best ranked schools, so naturally they are going to produce a lot of graduates with great jobs. In just 24 weeks, you’ll journey through a challenging curriculum and gain the specialized skills needed to analyze Big Data and turn it into clear insights. How does it compare with Northeastern University for CS ? If anything, ACT/SAT scores probably have a significantly better correlation to good outcomes at graduation than a schools rank in any given subject. Director: Leslie Oster Director, Program Development: Shilpa Gokhale Program Office: Program Overview. Northwestern's college computer programming teams were among the top 100 in the world in 2009 and 2010, competing in IBM's annual "Battle of the Brains" alongside teams from MIT, Stanford, Oxford and the University of Moscow. They learn how to package and distribute containerized computer software. It seems to me that Northeastern University, Boston is far more popular and reputed for it's CS than Northwestern. I believe Northwestern engineering has a co-op program as well but don’t know much about it. They apply tools of systems analysis, evaluating end-to-end performance and resource utilization in batch, interactive, and … While Northwestern is definitely prestigious and Northeastern has a great CS/engineering program, I wouldn’t say one is better than the other, but do research what opportunities could open up via certain schools (like specific course offerings, co-op/internship program and partnerships, lab research, 5 year Bachelors+Masters, etc.). By bringing the power of computer science to fields such as journalism, education, robotics, and art, Northwestern University computer scientists … With extensive student support and a wide array of resources, we provide an education that will help you find a path to success. I did hear there would be a lot of investment in the CS program through more faculty and all - has there been a noticeable increase in quality over the past year or two? Peter and Adrienne Barris Chair of Computer Science. It's ranked fairly low on pretty much all ranking aggregates for CS. Curriculum Overview 3. To get started, you can filter the list by your personal interests or by choosing one of Northwestern's six undergraduate schools. 4C, a data science company that helps agencies, brands and television networks plan, measure and execute advertising campaigns more effectively, was founded by computer science professor Alok Choudhary. Press J to jump to the feed. r/Northwestern: This is the subreddit for all things Northwestern. Admissions Overview; Academic Programs Explore degrees offered and programs, including PhD programs, master’s programs, interdisciplinary certificates and clusters. This is also the area that is the most popular, so they were a bit overwhelmed with all the students wanting to take AI courses (a lot of students outside of CS or even McCormick). I'm CS in McCormick and I definitely think we don't have the most amazing CS program but there are a few pretty good teachers and I know so many people who landed amazing internships (Facebook, Groupon, ford, Cisco, Microsoft) being CS at NU. Computer science involves the understanding, use, and extension of computational ideas and their implementation. To switch into a major/minor, please contact Even comparatively lower ranked programs like Stony brook, Northeastern University, University of Colorado—​Boulder etc seem to be more known for their CS dept. On-campus jobs are those available with departments based on Northwestern's Evanston or Chicago campuses. UChicago is ranked 19 places above Northwestern in the latest QS World University Rankings®, ninth in the world (up one place from last year) while Northwestern is joint 28th (down two places from last year). Now I wanted to pursue my career again and needed a fresh start. Women now make up about 30% of the university’s computer science major, up from 15% in 2011. Also, my school is pretty restrictive in the number of APs you can take in one year, and this is the max that anyone … Website Almost all of the departmental rankings (besides engineering/business) are geared towards graduate education, which is judged by peer assessments/the research impact of the department (something that is completely irrelevant to educating undergrads and getting them good jobs). Our programs get you ready with the in-demand skills you need to advance or start a career in coding, data science, cybersecurity, or financial technology.We combine a remote classroom experience with dynamic curricula taught by experienced instructors. I applied because of the computer science facilities (based on my online research) and culture being better at Brown. Then learn specifics about a potential major or minor on its departmental website, linked below. Students learn about cloud-based computer architecture and scalable systems for data science. I can’t make you choose a certain school over another, so I will share my thoughts. US News doesn't even rank undergraduate CS programs, and I'm not sure if there is a publication that does. Northwestern Engineering's Department of Computer Science intentionally positions itself as an ideal hub for interdisciplinary research by fostering a culture of inclusivity and promoting collaborations across a wide range of disciplines at our numerous top-ranked schools.