Malarial prophylaxis is not usually required for trips in the mountains, however, if you are visiting rural and remote low lying areas then they might be necessary. + 5% With us, you can be assured of top notch assistance through the greens, blues, and all colors of the beautiful valley of Kashmir and experience skiing like never before. Flights and Transportation to and fro base camp: Higher altitudes have comparatively lesser oxygen content and rapid exposure to such a surrounding lead to altitude sickness. Some of the other highly qualified ski instructors involved in this ski course are - Javed Reshi, Rafiq, Jahangir, Saba and Jayant Mohanty. Indians can buy insurance from us while booking the trek. Besides the cable car, a chair-lift system is also available from Kangdoori station to Marry Shoulder which again is a destination preferred by beginners as well as intermediate skiers and whose geography brings with it its own cup of adventures and surprises. slopes. This course builds the foundation in skiing/snowboarding by imparting the basic skills required to negotiate easy to intermediate slopes. It is a beautiful Himalayan valley with breathtaking mountain scenery, crystal clear lakes, lush green vegetation. training will begin with advisory, instructions, followed by skiing on easy slopes. NOTE: A minimum of 8 travellers are required to book this trip. 13. breaks and a lunch break. I had the best time of my life at Sandakhphu Phalut trek arranged by Trekmunk. Rotation, Edging and Cover Core Competencies. All the lodging and boarding and the Ski equipment is being provided free of cost by the Tourism Department. Excited about your upcoming Himalayan trek? I had an amazing trek with Trekmunk to Sandakphu November and December 2019. 9. After freshening up and post a deliciously yummy breakfast, you will begin Chandrashila is the most astonishing peak that I've ever trekked through; I've never been so fascinated. A four member Ski Instructors team is imparting Skiing training to these beginners. Severe Allergies: If you have a severe allergy please inform the Trekmunk office before you travel. To read more on how to get fit, follow:, 5. for you to continue to admire the sunrise even on the fourth day and you will do so, rightly. will have a good grip on the activity. We will send you the information in your mailbox about Acute Mountain Sickness and trekking in high altitudes. unwillingly with some crazy happy memories of the tour. Gulmarg being the most accessible hill station by air, it is ideal to hold such activities at Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering (IISM) to … This skiing course in Gulmarg is perfect for beginners with no experience, even kids older than 10, with an avid interest in learning to ski. Srinagar is accessible from the other parts of the country via the National Highway 1D. (a) 10 percent of the prices of our trips/treks/tours or product or service is your deposit and is not refundable, in any case. beds for sufficient sleep and rest. By Road: The road distance from Delhi to Srinagar is 800 km if you are taking a taxi or driving down in a private vehicle. If you have ski equipment for your own then you can carry the same for the course. or even just choose to rest to energize yourself for the next day. "Our ski guide led us flawlessly over the extensive ski terrain for 12 days, leaving us with unforgettable ski memories and even guided us through the culture off the slopes as well." The girls group will undergo the seven- day Introductory Ski Course at Gulmarg, during which the group will be introduced to the basics of Skiing. This day you will wake up to the sun lurking amidst the mighty mountains, painting mesmerizing hues in other skiers making it an even more exciting day for you. Hiking in the hill country is the best training but jogging, squash and swimming are also good for developing cardiovascular fitness and stamina. The instructor will train you on new and advanced Participants in our ski courses will be provided with a Certificate of Participation, Graduation and merit certificate with grades A/B/C to those who complete all lessons and pass the tests as well as a Certificate from J&K tourism. This will be boiled or filtered. All made possible by Gulmarg's famous Gondola ski cable … Cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure date It was started in 1911 by the British. You’ll learn about Stance and Balance and get an introduction to the Core Competencies. Batch sizes are capped at 250 people per trail per season. beauty of nature, no matter how many glances you steal you will always be obsessed with its And if you categorically have this innate ability to trip on anything or even better..,,, The best thing about travelling with these people is that you understand the true meaning of travelling and experience it very closely. The relic is only displayed to the public on religious occasions, usually accompanied by colourful fairs afterwards. A world without friction - skiing, one of the most graceful sports on the planet right now. Gulmarg (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Mar 12 (ANI): Amid fresh snowfall in the Valley, the skiing courses are on a swing to promote adventure tourism in the world-famous ski resort Gulmarg. capacity. Don't trek the threat of Acute Mountain Sickness dampens the high. Hazratbal: Hazratbal Mosque, situated on the western shore of the pristine Dal Lake, is a very sacred Muslim shrine in Hazratbal. Gulmarg Golf Course: Skiing on Gulmarg Golf course in Winter. The Directorate of Tourism, … Apharwat Mountain with over 1300 vertical metres of scenic snow skiing terrain, Gulmarg sits along with the planet's most incredible mountain range, the Himalayas. Thank you Trekmunk for arranging such an adventurous backpacking trip and a special thanks to Mohit Goswami our trip leader for giving us an experience of what true travelling is. 14 Best Places For Skiing In India. The second group of twenty young boys drawn from various districts of J&K will undergo the 7- Day Introductory Ski Course at Gulmarg, during which the group will be introduced to the basics of Skiing. A four member Ski Instructors team is imparting Skiing training to these beginners. Our community is an integral part of us and we take pride in our trekkers and climbers. The drop at Srinagar after the trek will be arranged in a similar way. GULMARG: The Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir on Friday started the introductory Ski Course for the 2nd batch of boys here in Gulmarg, following clearing of the weather after fresh spell of Snow fall. A skiing course in Gulmarg is the trip for you if you are looking to learn the art at a picturesque and easily accessible ski resort. You can transfer your booked slot for the trek to any fit person till 15 days before the trek. If you're planning to learn the right skills to ski down the alpine slopes, this institute at Gulmarg opens up the opportunity to learn the basic skiing course on a budget at an … Gulmarg remains the most anticipated and chosen tourist spot for skiing not just in India but even across the globe. great achievement in ski-learning. Gulmarg has the highest golf course in the world at an altitude of 2,650 meters above sea level. Manners maketh a man. Traveling with these people is surely an insanely enthralling experience. Hotel The Shelter Heritage – Srinagar (190008) … A certified and experienced guide will give you a quick on this trip. Our chief instructors are - Mustaq Ahmed, one of the most qualified backcountry ski guides in the whole of Gulmarg who has been skiing since the early 80s with an experience of 25+ years in ski instruction; Mahmood Lone who happens to be a highly experienced backcountry ski guide and one among the only 5 certified national ski coaches in India. Apharwat mountain is home to both unbelievable Alpine ski runs and excellent off-piste powder runs. practice which pretty much make way for amateurs towards professionalism in all cases. getaways in the resort either for dinner, rest or whatever your heart calls for. This is only a brief of cancellation terms. ₹39000 Gulmarg approximately attracts as much as 47 ft of snowfall on average but the quantity does vary from year to year. Warm fleece, jacket, windproof jacket, trekking pants, inner thermals, warm cap, face mask, long skiing socks (2 pairs), Uv protected sunglasses, other clothing, sun lotion, water bottle, napsack. 5% Deduction, Between 30 days to 15 days prior to departure Best suited for beginners with zero to very little exposure to skiing/snowboarding. Why to avoid consumption of Alcohol and Smoking on a High Altitude Trek? We Trek for a Cause: For overall development of the areas we run our operations in, we donate Rs 100/- per booking from our profits which are used for the upliftment of the local people and conserving nature. A walk through Paradise- Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, The Guide To Staying Healthy At High Altitude Treks. Traveling with these people is surely an insanely enthralling experience. Gulmarg has a decent range of shops. You will The two-stage ropeway ferries about 600 people per hour to and from the gondola main station in Gulmarg to a shoulder of nearby Mt. When taking out insurance please ensure the policy you choose covers you for the activities and altitude included in your itinerary. Note: Prior to booking any adventure with Trekmunk, it will be mandatory to sign the waiver form and get a medical certificate from a doctor in due time, without these, you will not be allowed to start the trek. For us, a successful summit is not about reaching the highest point of a mountain but about making it safely back to base. We have named this initiative as - Trek for a Cause. The first stage transfers from the Gulmarg resort at 2,600 m (8,530 ft) to Kongdoori Station … It is conducted by some of the most highly experienced and esteemed professionals of Skiing. Our 7 days trip to Meghalaya was a truly memorable experience. This is my second backpacking trip with these people and the way I had imagined backpacking to be has been fulfilled by them and they have given me surely more. You are given great freedom but at the same time taking care of. Lunch is not included. For more details, follow: You participate in the process of backpacking. We are constantly exploring and introducing new trails to reduce the burden on existing ones. If not Indian, We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at: You will wake up to the same view yet the fascinating beauty of the mountains will continue to tickle the We will pick you up from Srinagar airport at 11: 30 AM and drive to Gulmarg. All the lodging & … Postpone of a booked trek can only be done once. Any refund applicable will be processed within 10 to 15 business days as per the company policy. You will learn about rotation, edging and cover Core Competencies in more detail. 2. 6 Techniques that will help you deal with Knee Pains during a Trek, Gangabal Lake Trek -Largest Alpine Lake of Kashmir. The fourth day will be about repetition, revision, and more The ratio of participants to instructors is 4:1. You will find yourself striking a great balance on the ski and 1. 1. From the first moment of inquiry about the trek and all my questions were answered clearly and on time thanks to Dheeraj who managed to facilitate the trek quite well with his communication. lots of practice because practice indeed makes man perfect. This is the easiest way to reach Srinagar. Besides the fact that it lies in the most beautiful and heavenly state of India keeping aside the political tensions, the Himalayan terrain and the panoramic view of the Pir Panjal Range are also two reasons that visitors equally look forward to on their trip to this scenic destination. Learn skiing in Jammu and Kashmir on this 5-day skiing course in Gulmarg. I made many new friends and have enjoyed each and every day of this trek to its fullest. It is very important to take good rest, especially on this It is only through experience that one can contemplate and understand the variety of feelings that the valley introduces to you. 12. It is best suited for people who already have basic skills in skiing and are comfortable with slightly higher slope gradients and now are looking at getting to the higher powder bowls of the mountain. exquisiteness. to your needs and support you in the best manner, the practice will continue for the entire day with rest Among the only 16 backcountry guides in India, 3 of them are on our panel. It will also be the day when you will be in a position to compete with the Direct buses to Srinagar are available from Jammu. Normally the guide and any other trek staff are given their tips at the end of the trek and this is best done as a group. Orienting and finding the balance to taking short and long parallel turns will come easy to you after this course. Please provide us with your photo identification and also carry the same with you. Training will cover level 1-3 teaching progressions. The shrine commands a grand view of the lake and the mountain beyond, especially when its pristine white marble elegance is reflected in the waters of the lake. Powered by : Novel Knett Software Solutions, 50% Pre Booking - +91-8448680062, Post Booking +91-8588878499. Across Jawahar Nagar, Near Mehjoor Bridge, Kursu Padshahi Bagh, Opp. Passport & Visas/Identity Proofs: If foreigner, Validity for 6 months, should have blank pages, and should be kept with yourself all the time. He also arranged emergency transportation when I had to cut the trek and go back home for an urgent matter. SKIING IN GULMARG - INDIA,COURSE,TRAINING,ACCOMODATION - Duration: 23:24. The fitter you are, the more enjoyable you will find the experience. Jack and Jill Went up the hill To fetch a pail of water. If you want to test your limits or if it's adrenaline rush you are seeking, it’s the sport to pursue. Developed and maintained by. Travel Insurance: It is recommended to have travel insurance for these kinds of adventures. In this initiative we have tailor made Skiing packages for the persons above 12 years of age. After much hard work and day. deduction. The skiing courses are going on under the supervision of Skiing Association of Gulmarg in collaboration with youth prove to be helpful in cases of emergency nonetheless. dinner, return to your rooms and call the day off. Most people come to Gulmarg Ski Resort for the incredible terrain access from the Gulmarg Gondola. Every region of ours is mapped with an emergency evacuation plan. I will recommend everyone to opt for Trekmunk. You should be up to date with routine courses and boosters as recommended e.g. The price is for a group of 10 people. From the first moment of inquiry about the trek and all my questions were answered clearly and on time thanks to Dheeraj who managed to facilitate the trek quite well with his communication. You will be provided with all the equipment needed for the skiing course - skis, goggles, ski gloves, helmets, ski boots. It is an elite ski resort with enthralling slopes at the top of the mesmerizing Apharwet peaks. Gulmarg Ski Resort which is approximately 60 km away from the airport. By Rail: Although Srinagar has a railway station, it is not linked to the Indian Railway network. Online Division of:-ROYAL INDIA EXPEDITION. After an extensive day full of learning and skiing in powdered snow, you can have a healthy sizzling hot scrumptious breakfast and get yourself pumped up for the day. Short team-building adventure courses for corporates are also conducted by Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering. Our group sizes are capped at 12 members ensuring a Participants : HAP Ratio of 2:1. overview of the topography of the valley, general information and guidelines, the dos and don’ts, session of glancing through everything that you learned in the past few days, you will be taken for skiing It will take less than two hours Nestled amongst the beautiful mountains of Kashmir, Gulmarg boasts of one of the highest ski lifts in the world and the best slopes in the country. Best suited for beginners with zero to very little exposure to skiing/snowboarding. It will include rigorous parallel skiing practice across moderate Electricity Supply & Plug: You will get electricity supply till the starting point of the trek. If you are above the age of 60, kindly carry a medical certificate from your doctor that deem you fit for adventure activities like trekking. Gulmarg Ski, Ski In Gulmarg, Budget Gulmarg Skiing, Snow Skiing in gulmarg, gulmarg ski course, gulmarg ski rental, gulmarg ski resort, budget ski package, budget skiing tour package SkiInGulmarg.Com. All this will be done online without using any paper. New Building of IISM Gulmarg Contact Us IISM, House No 183, Kursoo, Raj Bagh, Srinagar, J & K Pin: 190008 Tel / Fax: 0194 - 2312749 IISM, Near Golf Club, Gulmarg, J & K, Pin: 193403 Tel / Fax: 01954 - 254480 Mobile: (0) 9419034449,9419604990 We will ask for the Travel Insurance Details over a mail. There are many skiing slopes available at the Kongdoori station which are usually suggested for and preferred by beginners since the slopes are less steep, much gentler, and make skiing easier for amateurs. I had an amazing trek with Trekmunk to Sandakphu November and December 2019. Gulmarg is not your typical ski resort because most of the skiing is off-piste. Even though the natural flora is almost densely covered with snow during winters, Gulmarg continues to pave way for wildflowers that enrich the cup-shaped valley with mesmerizing views. All Rights Reserved. We will arrange a cab for you from the pickup point in Srinagar. SKIING IN GULMARG INDIA 2020 | jawahar institute of mountaineering and winter sports - Duration: 8:44. Currency: The unit of currency in India is the Indian Rupees. Today will be the day of departure and you will return to Srinagar Airport almost Guidance on Tipping: Tipping is the accepted way of saying thank you for good service. your skill since it will be your last day skiing on easy and moderate slopes. Your Registration has been done successfully. The girls group will undergo the 7- Day Introductory Ski Course at Gulmarg, during which the group will be introduced to the basics of Skiing. encouraged to learn steadily yet at your own pace. offer code or vouchers. If you want to experience heaven on the earth, remember the name "Kashmir". Yeah, it was probably because Jack and Jill were drunk while climbing that goddamn.

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