... as each one jauntily descends dancing spirits of the departed that coat the ground with love this mantle covering the earth is our gift from the Lord above Required fields are marked * Comment. We are each unique. Add your poems, quotes, or title ideas to share with other members. Consider that each snowflake is made up of a huge number of water molecules. As the church, we are the body of Christ and … Learn how to write a poem about Snowflakes and share it! I like the third one the best! Christmas Poems Christmas Concert Preschool Christmas Preschool Winter Preschool Songs Kids Songs Snowflake Poem Snowflakes Snow Poetry Unit : Poems, Plays, and Writing Activities This ELA Snow Unit (revised and updated) is designed to engage students in a variety of 7 Original Poems and 2 Plays to learn about snow. Physics and weather conditions determine snowflake shape and size. Each of Us a Snowflake by Emily Warburton Each of us a Snowflake We are each of us a snowflake not two of us the same Reflections of the endless loving Source from which we came Unique in form and beauty Crystalized at birth We are influenced by both our loving families and our experiences as we journey through life. Each one is unique and different. Superb, poetry as its best. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. I love the part where you shared to look beneath the surface. Submit a Comment Cancel reply. By one estimate, a flake may have as many as a quintillion molecules [source: Washington Post]. Here are a few poems which explain the people like snowflakes concept better than I can. If all snowflakes Are unique Then each tear Is complete In its’ Direction Floating effortlessly In momentary Recollection Of a feeling Most profound Watch As the snow has Cascaded Onto the ground Hear the teardrops Fading into Tomorrow’s sound We should count our blessings one by one, Every night and day, lest they be gone. Reply. What I've found is even when we meet someone who appears to have it all together, they too have issues and are looking for validation. As it is created, nurtured and follows its path, each experience impacts the snowflake. No two are exactly alike. We are all unique, just as each snowflake is. Poems about Snowflakes at the world's largest poetry site. Gospel Connection: When children look at snow they see individual snowflakes that are all uniquely made, but can make a big impact on the world when they stick together.Likewise, all children are made in the image of God and are unique. Pray they'll always be around for you. Friends and family, hold onto them tight, For they may disappear in a trice, Melting away, same as snowflakes do. Each Snowflake 2 Poem by Dominic Windram.Each snowflake unique: So intricately designed: A delicate world. Dirt or dust particles can cause the pattern to alter, as can temperature and amount of vapor in the air. Snowflakes all start in the shape of frozen water crystals, and at their most basic may be a simple hexagonal plate. Each Snowflake is unique just like you. But as a snowflake makes its way through the sky, the different conditions it encounters affect its growth. To echo what you said, although we're all different, in many ways we're the same. Memory Verse: “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:27. People are much the same. What a wonderful poem about “The Snowflake” It is a reminder that each snowflake is unique and different..like we are; but together we become a miracle! Your email address will not be published. Happy Holidays! Math determines that those flakes are unique. Ranked poetry on Snowflakes, by famous & modern poets.

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