Anonymous said: How is afo less insane than izuku? While All Might respects and admires the aspiring hero and admits to Midoriya that he along with many U.A. But if there was one person that Izuku knew better than anyone it was Kacchan. 'I want to be a god' thought Izuku when he was watching tv in the living room. What if during the Izuku v. Bakugo 2. Now, even six months out of training and two months into preparation of the biggest performance of his life, he still doesn’t know what he wants to come out of this experience. He never got married, he never had any kids, he's probably got a few medical issues from the out right abuse he puts his body though to keep up his image. My Hero Academia depicts a world where supernatural Quirks are the norm, and it could be said that "normal" people have been left behind. A long time ago like a year or two, i read this fanfic of my hero academia in ao3. Having someone who tells you can do it is amazing! Himiko: "Sure." She told me that she is into kawaii, painting, drawing, art in general, loves being at the beach, practiced Iaido (Japanese martial art) a bit before she joined the villains, doesn't like the modern hero system like Stain and loves blood. And now he was back. Izuku: All Might is Number 1 cause he spends his majority time heroing. Answer: All for One has a sense of self-preservation, unlike some small green/white haired menace. Do you think DFO would try to drag Izuku back to the past with him once he knew the truth? thought Izuku before the arrival of his quirk. He doesn’t need a partner and he never will. Izuku Awakens. He asks his mother if he can and she’s fine with it, only if he becomes an underground hero and continues his training. What if he assumed that Izuku got his quirk from AFO and that he is a traitor who he brought out in order to stop him. Izuku is a member of the Midoriya family- a family known for being assassins and having strong Nen- but he doesn’t want to be an assassin, instead he wants to be a hero, and hasn’t killed anyone! RELATED: My Hero Academia: 5 One-Punch Man Characters Izuku Can Defeat (& 5 Who'd Crush Him) He also has an almost pathological need to prove himself to the people he cares about since his brother was a pretty renowned pro-hero, so that means he'd most likely go out of his way to be a pretty important member of the group. Before meeting Izuku, Principal Nezu suggested Mirio to be All Might's successor. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Endeavor: but I'm still not number 1. During the Provisional Hero License Arc , Izuku had his costume upgraded again to suit his new fighting move Shoot Style, by adding iron soles to his red boots to increase the power of his kicks. But after unexpectedly catching a lead on the largest gang in the city, he’s thankful for that extra pair of eyes watching his back. At least he thought he did. This is an illustration for my fic in AO3, which is a crossover between FNaF and MHA, where Midoriya Izuku is the crying child! Words: 5467, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English. I'm a little rusty at drawing (and I only have my two hands and Paint at my disposal) but hopefully you enjoy. If you want to read it, the name is Crying Alone by FloofyTMCCWritez This is why Izuku breaks down when Toshinori tells him, yes you can be a Pro-Hero! Izuku: You already won. murpymurpwriter Hello! Izuku isn’t sure if that’s a good thing. Well. That he saw first hand AFO’s power while misinterpreting Izuku’s tears were for … His dad seems happier after that but Izuku doesn’t know how long he can keep that promise; Quirks are highly valued in the East and people will find it weird that he doesn’t really use his quirk when he is trying to be a hero; It will look like he is holding back and doesn’t really want to be a hero… Hitoshi, for example, gets called "Extra-Credit-kun". 'I will be a god' thought Izuku when he was locked in the room. So when he’s suddenly stuck with a new recruit fresh out of the academy, he’s less than happy. There's a stigma against Quirkless people, and no one knows that better than Izuku Midoriya. posted on Abr 16th '19 with 34 notas #Midoriya izuku #deku #bnha deku #deku midoriya #mha deku #bnha #bnha manga #mha Izuku recognizes the first Quirk as belonging to a (retired) Hero named Glimmer, whilst the other, whom he doesn't recognize, belongs to Gran Torino. Instead of confronting Izuku about getting his quirk from All Might. Disqualifying Izuku just increased Indestructible's already sizable fanbase and painted UA in a negative light. students would be a worthy successor, All Might continues to believe he made the right choice in passing over students like Mirio in favor of Izuku. Himiko, want to tell m-me a bit about yourself?" This is where you can send me requests and see my artwork. Major Character Death; Rape/Non-Con; Todoroki Shouto/Uraraka Ochako; Midoriya Izuku & Original Character(s) Jirou Kyouka & Shinsou Hitoshi; Jirou Kyouka/Shinsou Hitoshi; Ash It wasn’t easy considering Yagi didn’t seem to be sure himself, but Izuku was pretty sure the quirk he’d been accidentally gifted was sentient. Browse through and read izuku midoriya supernatural fanfiction stories and books Mirio talking with All Might. All Might – Yagi, as he insisted Izuku call him – led him to the nearest police station, as he tried to explain what had occurred. You all want me to believe that Midoriya Izuku who makes hero analysis for the future doesn’t write fanfiction based in his own headcanons? Tags. What would change, I think, is what that belief that Toshinori has him would do to Izuku. No one there to interfere now that he's killed Nana (assuming he doesn't yet know about Yagi), nowhere familiar for Izuku to run to, and plenty of time for a vault stay to let Izuku get over that silly misunderstanding of Dad dropping a building on him before electrocution. That you don’t want the validation that you can do it. His group mates are all loud and present personalities; Kaminari with his big joyful smiles and exaggerated jokes, Kirishima who seems to be sunshine incarnate, and then Bakugou, who is loud in the most unpleasant ways. That doesn’t mean you can’t want for a role model. Or: Katsuki disappeared when he was a kid. Izuku hears Endeavor saying he wants to surpass All Might. Izuku throws himself onto his hero and sobs. The Nicknamer: Mei, not being very good with names, tends to give people nicknames. He longed to be a great hero like his idol All Might, and once he received One For All, his dream was unlocked. You do! If Todoroki wins, then it doesn't matter but if Izuku wins, not only does the suit get advertising and data but he also proves what Project: Indestructible set out it to do in the first place; that you don't need a Quirk to be a hero. Izuku goes without a mask in his second suit, and although the mask is still present, he doesn't wear it much. Vigilante Midoriya Izuku; But he doesn't think he is one; Fluff; Midoriya Inko adopts Kaminari Denki; Tags Contain Spoilers; Summary 'I want to be a hero!' Bakugou is an experienced officer at the U.A.P.D.