1 vote. We knew about space, less is more, and simplicity. I just wanted to forget the band. I wanted to stretch myself, I wanted to be challenged by what they could do, and I also wanted them to stretch too. But the subject of his love songs is not your average cheated-teenage-sweetheart. Nevertheless, we all set out for Eddie Grant's studio in Barbados with a bag full of new songs and a mission to start a new adventure. See more ideas about bourbon street, after dark, jazz blues. I can fly here, I can fly there, up, down, go sideways!" Despite all the guff you may have heard about 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' being a jazz inspired album, forget it. We didn't really think about "Let's play that chord here." Bob Dylan. And lovingly, he frees us of the Jungian densities and pathological tilt of the last Police album, 'Synchronicity', and its arch-possessive ballad, 'Every Breath You Take'.On 'The Dream of the Blue Turtles', the Police chief voices a clear, anti-war, global valentine amid a boggling array of polished, passionate yet subtly insinuating tunes. He ends 'Seventh Wave' with a comment on a Police pop hit, idly singing, "With every breath you take/Every move you make/Every cake you bake/Every leg you break." Sting & Chris Botti - Message in a bottle live 2005. First class. So we shared the royalties. "'Lyrics', 10/07"With the help of my friend, the writer and critic Vic Garbarini, I recruited a band of young jazz musicians, including alumni of Miles Davis's band, Art Blakey's band, and Weather Report. In the eyes of some it was the highest folly to leave what was arguably the biggest band in the world at that time. But nothing the Police have done - as entertaining as the group is - could have prepared anyone for this distinctive album. If you listen to the live album I think it sounds like a band. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. Blues Etude vers.1 . They were not only the size of a man, they were also blue and had an air of being immensely cool, like hepcats, insouciant and fearless. Bye, Bye Blackbird. shape of my heart 9. Klemmer & Lewis - Just Friends. Let it snow. They're a good symbol: The turtle is a creature who lives both under the sea and out of it. That's not the idea..."NME, 6/85"It wasn't my intention to draw comparisons between the Police and this record, I'm just playing with different musicians. Beautiful Love. I see faces as they pass beneath the pale lamplight. Lyle Mays - James. Kander & Ebb - New York, New York. I did Jungian analysis for a while, and one of the things you're encouraged to do is use your dreams creatively. Donovan - Sunny Goodge Street No 7. He quietly shines throughout, playing obligatos, often on soprano sax, with a terse eloquence reminiscent of Weather Report's Wayne Shorter (who once helped out Steely Dan in similar fashion).Too Clever: As a composer, Sting is nothing if not resourceful. Jardin D'hiver . However, first things first. "Sky Magazine, 11/87On accusations that he used black musicians to enhance his credibility..."We're using Wynton's (Marsalis) argument that I've stained the purity of black music. On this record I've recruited some of the best young players in America but I think I'm the best songwriter, so I'm not being immodest, the band has a good pedigree, and I'm part of the pedigree. They're very macho and athletic and drunk on their own virility. Total mayhem. Marsalis' job is to add a soulful edge where Sting has neglected it, and his soprano sax is a vital element on 'Love Is The Seventh Wave' and 'Children's Crusade'.