Hurricane Sandy Preparation and Response Performance Review Report to the Community . NYU Division of Operations . Lessons From Katrina Boost FEMA's Sandy Response The federal agency has received praise from politicians and storm survivors alike for being prepared before the … When Hurricane Sandy washed over Manhattan four years ago, the city’s oldest seaport, on the lower east side, bore the brunt. Hurricane Sandy in New York, extreme climate events and the urbanization of climate change: perspectives in the context of sub-Saharan African cities. 13, Issue. Hurricane Sandy was not in the most severe category, yet it caused incredible destruction. Prepared by . This means that all hurricane susceptible communities, even the ones that are far inland, must be prepared for the severe weather that accompanies these storms. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Vol. A panel of experts gathered at the New York Academy of Sciences on Thursday (Jan. 24) evening to discuss how cities and other communities can better prepare for these disasters. April 26, 2013 . Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy and Recommendations for Improved Healthcare and Public Health Response and Recovery for Future Catastrophic Events Page 1 BACKGROUND A “classic late-season…extraordinarily large hurricane,” 1 Sandy was the 18th named tropical cyclone of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. Sandy Makes Landfall Hurricane Sandy lived up to expectations in October 2012, delivering a powerful punch with heavy rains, strong winds, and significant storm surges. After taking 69 … Community Notice: Hurricane Sandy. “You can go to the coffee shops in … Hurricane Sandy was the second largest and costliest hurricane in U.S. history to affect multiple states and communities. ET on Oct 29, the storm … The plans, programs and equipment that HPP worked with New York health officials to put in place as part of New York's overall public health and medical preparedness activities were a vital part of the response to Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy will go down in history as one of the most destructive storms ever, inflicting at least $50 to $60 billion in damage across the Northeast, according to early estimates. Letter to the NYU Community 3 . , p. Here are 10 lessons from Sandy the experts said cities should heed in preparing for future disasters, particularly those linked with climate change. Current weather models predict that the worst of the storm will not hit us directly. The lessons from Sandy have been repeated over and over: Communities should be prepared to be self-sufficient for close to 10 days. This article describes the lived experiences of 24 occupational therapy students who lived through Hurricane Sandy using the Recovery Model to frame the research. By 8:00 a.m. Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast, with the storm gaining speed Sunday night and into Monday. Contents Page 2 April 26, 2013 . Alison Leary . Executive Vice President . METHOD. To the Dartmouth community, Dartmouth's emergency planning group--in consultation with town, state, and federal officials--is closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Sandy and its potential impact on our campus.